In Pictures: Oromia’s delegation arrives at Ethiopia’s largest Nile bridge in Amhara

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The Blue Nile’s largest bridge in Ethiopia, the Abay Bridge, is located in the Dejen district of the State of Amhara; on the other side of this bridge is the Wara Jarso district of the State of Oromia. It’s here on this bridge that the following photos of Oromia’s people-to-people peace delegation to the State of Amhara were taken. The symbolic and historic significance of the photos is unconquerable; even in the face of Woyane’s unflinching almost three-decades of propaganda work to separate these two brotherly peoples.

Oromia’s people-to-people peace delegation, which had already arrived at the Amhara’s beautiful lakeside capital Bahir-Dar – after crossing the long Abay Bridge, includes Abbaa-Gadaa’s (Oromo traditional leaders), Oromo youth (also known by its age-grade classification in the Gadaa system: the Foollee), and other known personalities (including artists). They’re here in Bahir-Dar to dispel the almost three-decade-old Woyane-fueled mistrust between them, and to renew the bond between the two largest towers holding Ethiopia high and proud.

Wendi Mak: Abbaa Daamaa | አባ ዳማ:


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