Irreecha Malkaa and Irreecha Tulluu: Holistic Expressions of the Oromo Gadaa System

Posted: Onkoloolessa/October 9, 2017 · Finfinne Tribune | | Comments

‘Irreecha Malkaa’ takes place at the banks of rivers immediately following the end of the rainy season, and it is celebrated in late September or early October when the rainy season subsides giving way for Spring (Birraa). The Oromo people celebrate ‘Irreecha Malkaa,’ not only to thank Waaqa (The Almighty/The Creator) for the blessings and mercy they have received throughout the previous year, but also to welcome the new season of bountiful harvests after the rainy season. ‘Irreecha Malkaa’ is celebrated at each local region in Oromia, but the ones marked in Bishoftu (at Hora/Lake Arsadi) and Buraayyuu (at Hora/Lake Gafarsaa) are the largest ‘Irreecha Malkaa’ celebrations.

‘Irreecha Tulluu’ is observed at the top of mountains. It marks the end of the dry season and the onset of the rainy season (from March to May). On this day, people gather on mountain tops to give thanks to Waaqa (The Almighty/The Creator) for all the blessings bestowed upon them throughout the past dry season, and ask for reconciliation, peace and harmony for the present and the future. The largest ‘Irreecha Tulluu’ event is held on Mount Cuqaallaa in Bishoftu.

Irreecha was recognized by UNESCO in 2016, together with the rest of the Oromo Gadaa System, as an essential element of the Oromo Gadaa System.

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