Hamelmal Abate speaks out against displacement of Oromos in eastern Oromia

Posted: Onkoloolessa/October 23, 2017 · Finfinne Tribune | | Comments

The following is the heartfelt interview of the bilingual recording artist Hamelmal Abate; she speaks against the displacement of Oromos in eastern Oromia. The displacement of thousands of Oromos from their homeland in eastern Oromia was carried out by a TPLF/Woyane-backed militia over the last two months. Hamelmal Abate is an Amharic and Afaan Oromoo bilingual singer with roots in eastern Oromia.

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Fundraising campaigns for the rehabilitation of the displaced Oromos in eastern Oromia have continued across Oromia. All members of the society, including schoolchildren, are participating in the fundraising campaigns; donations include money, basic materials and food/drinks.

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