Teddy Afro’s New Oromo-Reggae Fusion Music: “Anna Nyaatu Lene Yaregew”

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Editor’s Note: Almost all known Ethiopian Amharic singers include some version of Afan-Oromo music in their music-album to increase the number of audience for their music. Take Tilahun Gessesse, Bizunesh Bekele, Kuku Sebsebe, Hamelmal Abate and others, including Teddy Afro. Music is more closer to the society to speak about what the society wants. We do hope that, one of these days, that the Ethiopian government’s federal language policy also changes to include Afan Oromo as a second working language in the country. If a recording artist makes the effort to include Afan-Oromo in their album to increase the number of audience, it’s not clear why the federal government refuses to accept Afan Oromo as an important language in Ethiopia – deserving the status of a federal working language.

We’re FOR recognizing Afan-Oromo as the second federal working language in Ethiopia; are you? Love wins!

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Qeerroo vs. Foollee - The Need for 'Tokkummaa' through 'Ilaa fi Ilaamee'

This is strictly our observation (at the individual level - our opinion/Editorial). #GadaaFT

In the post #Irreecha2017 season, two groups of Oromo youth are emerging: the red-green-red (revolutionary) Qeerroo, and the black-red-white (evolutionary) Foollee. All used to be loosely referred to as 'Qeerroo;' it looks like this loose term doesn't define everyone anymore.

Earlier this week, we shared the following graphic calling on Tokkummaa between these two Oromo youth groups (see below in the comment-section). And, we also shared a video of the Gadaa culture of "Ilaa fi Ilaamee" in order to indicate the way to Tokkummaa (i.e. discussion for consensus/Tokkummaa). The video can be watched below in the comment-section.

Insults, bullying and other negative tendencies shouldn't be hurled at each other; it produces nothing, but resentments. We have the UNESCO-recognized Gadaa system to be used here: "Ilaa fi Ilaamee" (consensus-building through matured discussion).

There is no right or wrong way to the desired Bilisummaa, but there are different ways. Neither Qeerroo's nor Foollee's approach is right or wrong, but they're clearly different; we're starting to notice through posts on social media.

The fast-change-seekers (the revolutionary) Qeerroo are restless (by nature or choice); the slow-change-seekers (the evolutionary) Foollee are deliberate (by nature or choice). Each person should choose his or her liking and align in the group that suits his or her decisions, then discuss carefully and respectfully to understand each other (not tear each other up to cause distrust and resentments).

Points of conjunction (collaboration) are both groups' stance against the Woyane-inflicted human rights abuses in Oromia, and their love for Oromummaa and Oromia.
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