Highlighting the Achievements of Oromo Women – Saliha Sami: Raised in a Diverse Culture, Gifted with a Supreme Artistic Talent, and Dedicated to Interlock Oromo Culture

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Oftentimes, singers can be dismissed as irrelevant beings willing to do anything to push for their own self-promotion, but every so often, we get individuals who can rise above the cringe worthy and touch on something deeper and meaningful. Perhaps the likes of Saliha Sami are rare in this day and age where anyone with access to a microphone and computer can become an overnight sensation thanks to YouTube. Unlike many singers, she has the talent and embody an unparalleled rise to fame at such a young age where YouTube was not available and rise to fame was dictated by talent rather than view counts. From the start, she pushed the envelope for the greater good of Oromia while showing the diversity of our culture. What makes her unique is not her singing talent, but her unmatched ability to fuse the regional diversity and present the Oromo culture in such a way that young diaspora youth can identify with their roots. Through her songs and appearances in dramas, coupled with her innate drive to be the voice for Oromo women from all walks of life, she has become an icon we can all appreciate irrelevant of our personal feelings about music. Her religious background and the mere fact she is a woman willing to tackle taboo topics through her music makes her an easy target for criticism. Yet, she refuses to let the critics get the last word. She continues to strive to reach her ultimate goal of empowering women to dream and achieve the impossible. While simultaneously instilling in the diaspora youth a sense of pride in the Oromo culture.

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  1. ANF

    August 16, 2014 at 7:39 am

    She works from her heart for Oromo. For first time, I saw her on May 8 on demonstration day. Before that, I know her name, song and picture only. She is hero of Oromo and Oromia.

  2. Saliha's Fan

    August 16, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    Saliha Sami is a revolutionary artist. No Oromo artist comes to mind who came to the scene in the 2000’s. The only star that shined in that dark decade of inactivity was Saliha. With that shinning star, she led us to the new generation of uncompromisingly Oromo and gifted artists, such as Haacaaluu, Yaaneet and Shukri. Saliha was the generational link between the 1990’s artists and the 2010’s artists. History will remember her for this outstanding contribution to Oromo arts.

  3. Mintesnot Banti

    August 19, 2014 at 12:23 am

    She has no song except hamelmal’s song like we only have very few singers abush, nigussu ,ali biro and behaviour though music is simple.I comment for the tv to avoid showing oromos clothing and irecha the music I thing it will develop as the economy develops with.thanks.

  4. Tulluu Dhanquu

    August 27, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Salihaa Sami, artistii sirba camuu sirbuudha dandeeti qabdudha. kan warraa dhiyaas sirbite nutti agarsiiftee jirti sirbitoota oromoo kamuu caala bareechite.—— kan Oromoos baha amma dhiyaati nutti agarsiiftee jirti. ani hunda caala sirboota keenya ta’ uun isaan illee irraanfataman sirba Oromoo Sooddoo fi Walloo isheen akkuma jirutti fakkeessitee sirbitee eenyuma caala akkan ishee jaaladhu na godhe. Amantii fi ilaalcha dhunfaa warreen irratti fe’ uu fedhan isaan ummaata Oromoo bakka bu’ an ishee dhorkuu hin danda’ aan . maalifiin isheen kana Oromoo garee tokkoo otoo hin taane qabeenya ummata oromoo Bal’ aati. warreen akka keenyatti amanuu , uffachuu , sirbuu , socho’ uu qabdi jedhen yoo jiraatan isaan garee xiqqooo fi ilaalcha xiqqoo warra qabanidha. SALIHAA ati jabadhu. Amartii faana harkaa walqabadhaati jabadha addnunya wal ga’ a.